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Thread: Lesbian Psycho Therapist Part 1

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    Default Lesbian Psycho Therapist Part 1

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    sir pineapple


    Lesibians Psycho Therapists
    Reviewed by sir pineapple on Wednesday, February 07, 2007 at 20:16:39

    This is one hot flim i really enjoy this flim. I like see more of Heather and Keisha
    together.Great story line and
    deception and shaking past loves. I gave this this thumb
    up and recommand this who love
    hard core action .

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    Reviewed by wolf on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 18:32:03

    This latest release is everything I was hoping it would be. A greater emphasis on story, characters and set ups help elevate the heat and passion throughout. The first three scenes are as good as any I have seen. The set up for the fourth scene was a little weak especially compared to the other three.

    Before the first scene starts we see Sydni standing in front of the mirror and you soon realize this is not going to be a typical GF scene. This leads to Sydni paying a visit to Trinity. It seems that 10 years ago Sydni used to babysit Trinity and during that time Trinity found Sydni's secret affection for girls. Trinity tells Sydni she is now 22 and also likes girls. She agressively comes on to Sydni and Sydni can't resist. Hot, passionate sex follows to the point where they cool each other off with a bottle of water at the end of the scene. A very and erotic start to the dvd.
    Scene two starts in Sydni's office and her client ends up being Heather who we find out has had a previous relationship with Sydni. It is clear that Sydni does not want Heather there but Heather enjoys playing mind games with Sydni. Heather begins to tell Sydni about a woman she is seeing who is the mother of her friend. This dialog is very and extremely arousing. It leads to the scene with Heather and Keisha, another terrific encounter. The contrast in bodies was wonderful and watching Heather worship Keisha's magnificent breasts was a highlight.
    Scene 3 is a flat out scorching encounter by Heather and Sydni. You can tell that Sydni's mind is telling her to resist Heather but her body can't resist. Very agressive, volcanic sex with both women trying to gain the upper hand. When they have finished Sydni recommends Heather see a different therapist.
    There is a short scene with Keisha confronting Sydni about Heather and threatening her. This helps set up some intersting possibilities for future volumes.
    The last scene has a young couple in the office of therapist Dr. Snow. A weak set up and Veronica's limited invovement (only the last 15 minutes) made this scene less than what it could have been. It's not bad but it is hard to follow the first three scenes.

    Hopefully, Lesbian Psychotherapists will become a very successful series for GF. I thought Sydni, Heather and Keisha were outstanding and I would love to see GF build this series around them the way Road Queen is built around Deauxma and Brianna.

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    D. Francis Barry


    LENA . . .
    Reviewed by D. Francis Barry on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 15:46:29

    There is something so sensual, and REAL, about this woman that absolutely keeps me spellbound, even if i don't always care for all of her pairings.
    Of course i realize that there must be many factors involved in how often an actress appears in your films, but i would be happy customer/fan if she were utilized much more in your titles, ESPECIALLY in future(?) editions of this title. She would make a VERY credible and BELIEVEBLE therapist and based on my favorite scene of her from way back in WSW#3(?) she has the acting chops, the prescence, the intelligence, the gentleness(certainly in that lengendary scene!), and in some way that's hard to explain, THE LOOKS to be "perfect" in a therapist role. Please go back to that scene in WSW#3(?) and i "think" you'll see exactly what i mean.
    I guess this is my long winded way of saying that, yes, this title IMHO breaks some new ground and, YES, LENA would be sublimely perfect for a continuing role if this is to be a series. She really does it for me and i just hope very much that she will be much more of a prescence in your films! Thanks for reading,
    D. Francis Barry

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    Reviewed by M.... NY on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 06:52:52

    very hot film,,,1 of the best in a while

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    Tribadism missing...
    Reviewed by Espen on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 14:26:03

    Where have all the tribadism gone??? I was looking forward to see some, but got disapointed... Hope soon, that they will make some trib-scenes, and some close-ups on it... If you like trib, pass this one...

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    Bill Hennessy


    Heather & Lena
    Reviewed by Bill Hennessy on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 17:51:01

    I don't know who these two girls are yet. Heather might be Heather Gables. Lena is not the same Lena that was in WSW#3. That was Lena Ramon. Overall this was another winner for Girlfriends Films. Sydni did a outstanding job in writing and directing this film. The acting was very good by all the girls. The sex was a little rougher than in most GF films.

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    Lesbian Pyscho
    Reviewed by atrain on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 12:13:11

    I am an owner of a number of Girlfriends films, must say this is the bet I have ever scene.
    Very sexy..Heather,Keisha,Trinty were awesome. Sydny did a great job with this film..Would love to see more 3somes and hopefully Syndy and Keisha will get together soon..Keep up the good work.this gets a 10 in the rating scale.Thanks

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    Lesbian PsychoTherapist
    Reviewed by Bob on Thursday, March 01, 2007 at 17:25:55

    I really enjoyed this dvd as I felt it was well written and thought out. I especially enjoyed scene 1 and 3 which were extremely hot and passionate. I really liked the begining of scene 2, but it appeared to lose some of its steam after they went to the bedroom. I am not fond of three girl scenes to begin with and I felt the last scene with the three women was lacking a lot of passion, especially after watching scene 1 and 3 I do look forward to seeing the rest of this series. I think Sydni plays a messed up therapist really well.

    Scene 1 with Sydni and Trinity was extremely hot and sexy. I really loved the set-up for this scene. "well done" and these two women were so sexy together. I enjoyed how aggressive Trinity was (wow she was sexy) and the passionate kissing, trib and love making between the two women was really special. Just a great scene. Thank you ladies I really enjoyed it.

    Scene 2 at the start was really hot with Heather and Keisha when they were on the couch kissing and humping and the younger woman was begging the older women to "please" take me to bed. Hot, Hot, Hot
    When they went to the bedroom and were laying on the bed fingering I was hopeing the older woman would climb on top the younger one and start tribing, but I guess they were not into that. (It would have been so hot, erotic and sexy because of the size contrast) Aside from my favorite which is kissing, tribadism and lots of body contact this was still a very nice scene. Thanks ladies

    Scene 3 with Heather and sydni was very passionate and sexy. I just loved the aggressive passionate frantic love making between these two women. Pouring water on each other and the love making was fantastic. Thank you ladies.

    Scene 4 was disappointing for me because it lacked passion, plus I am not a fan of three women together as it takes away the intimacy and feels like an intrusion with a third party. (That's just me, but others will enjoy it.

    I also enjoyed the dialog between Sydni and the other older woman prior to the last scene. WOW I would love to see you two together.

    I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. I felt the acting was good and that this dvd was well produced, writtin and directed. One thing I would like to mention is this. For some reason in some of the dialog scenes, sometimes it is very hard to hear what they are saying and then other times it is loud and clear.

    To me Intimacy means closeness which in turn involves or leads to hot kissing, caressing, tribadism, etc which just happens automatically as the women get turned on to each other. That's what I love about "Girlfriends Films" and it sets your company far apart from the others and you folks do it so well.

    I highy recommend this dvd. It is worth viewing. even though I did not enjoy all of scene 2 and non of the last scene, out of 5 stars I would give this dvd 5 stars

    I look forward to the rest of the series.


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    It's all about the Seduction..Baby!
    Reviewed by Ronk1955 on Sunday, March 04, 2007 at 14:04:50

    Porn in general is boring! Once you see a few, you begin to realize that it's all a formula kind of thing. Same stuff rehashed over and over again.

    I am very pleased however to have stumbled on this great company, Girlfriends Films.

    Someone there is paying attention!

    If your favorite kink is Lesbians, Older/Younger or Younger/Older then do yourself a favor and purchase a video , I suggest Lesbian Psycho Therapists for a start.

    Good story, great seduction and wonderful kissing and sex with a little mystery thrown in. The box says "Part 1" I'm hoping part 2 will be soon.

    I will continue to support GFF with my money as long as they remember "It's all about the Seduction..Baby."

    Thank you!!!

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