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    WSW 93

    Scene One – Heather Starlet & Madison Ivy

    The movie begins with new girl Alannah Monroe stealing glances at her Stepmom Brandi Love, while they are in the kitchen together. Brandi is wearing a see through nightie and her ample breasts are clearly visible. The next day Brandi is serving cookies to her daughter, Charlotte Stokely and two of her friends Heather Starlet and Madison Ivy. When Alannah comes home she sits down and Charlotte quickly says that Heather is a lesbian, and that maybe she and Alannah should get to know each other. She says its obvious enough that her step-sister is a closeted lesbian, because she clearly has a crush on Brandi. Alannah leaves the room sad. Next we cut to Heather and Madison in a bedroom where they talk about what they witnessed. Madison is curious what it must be like for Heather to see this, and encourages her friend to be more forward with her own lesbianism. She teases her about the thoughts she must be harboring for her friends, and playfully plies for details about Heather's fantasies It is kind of a long opening to get to this point but soon enough the two begin to kiss and the sex scene starts. Without giving too much of the goods away I will say it is a satisfying first scene, in which Heather Starlet shines, her energy is what drove the action for me. My favorite parts were when Heather straddled Madison's face, and also when Heather was on top tribbing her pretty partner. Heather seems to prefer the on-top grinding technique in most of her scenes and this is a good example of it done with passion. I know that so many of the fans want more y/y scenes and this is a nice one, as is the following scene.


    Scene Two – Alannah Monroe & Charlotte Stokely

    The transition here finds Brandi in Alannah room, reassuring her that lesbian feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, but she asserts that if anything happened between the two it would be 'wrong'. She then leaves the room. Later that night Alannah is lying in bed in the room she apparently shares with her step-sister Charlotte. Alannah slowly begins to reach under the covers thinking Charlotte is asleep, she starts to masturbate. Charlotte acts fast and turns on the light. She is excited to have caught Alannah playing with herself. She starts to ask about what she thinks about when she does it, and finds out as expected that she had been fantasizing about Brandi again. To this Charlotte begins to apologize, she feels about embarrassing her earlier and with a bit more opening up we learn that Charlotte was acting out because she was secretly jealous that she always saw Alannah perving on Brandi but never herself. Naturally this leads to the sex. This is a good but not great scene in my opinion. Both girls are very beautiful, and I do like the set up in general. As I mentioned this is Alannah's debut. Charlotte has only been shot by GFF once in my memory, for Net Skirts 10.0. They are the two cover girls for the dvd btw, and do seem attracted to each other. There is a fair amount of playful talking throughout the scene which I personally like, but know annoys some viewers. Charlotte is a skillful pussy eater for sure. What seems to have caused some limitations for the scene may have been the smallness of the bed as it was more cramped than normal – we don't get any GFF tradmark tribbing action which was a letdown but I did like seeing both girls show off their butts, and seeing them get eaten out from behind in turn. It also seemed to be over quicker than the other encounters on the disc though I think it is certainly a performance worthy of more GFF opportunities for both ladies and I hope to see them back soon.


    Scene Tree – Brandi Love & Dillion Harper

    This third scene is a kind of standard set up, where Brandi meets the young Dillion online for sex. Though there may be a little subtext here as Brandi is apparently attracted to girls the age of her pining step daughter. Despite the sort of blasé set up the scene definitely delivers. I really like the young miss Harper and this may be her best GFF work to date – she has shot a few times for B. Skow, and now twice for Dan to my knowledge. Brandi Love is in top form here and treats her partner very well. I particularly enjoyed seeing Dillion with her back arched thrusting her pelvis forward while Brandi licked her pussy. There was some nice scissor tribbing and 69'ing too. All in all a very solid scene.


    Scene Four – Sinn Sage & Jelena Jensen

    This is separate from the plot the first three scenes altogether and the set up wasn't my favorite because it was kind of awkward. It begins with Jelena telling Sinn about something to do with work, maybe a house sale or something – it progresses into Jelena asking Sinn if she has any plans for the evening. Sinn doesn't have anything big planned but is inquisitive about someone named Marcy who she assumes Jelena will already have plans with. Jelena goes hostile at the suggestion and what it implies and demands that Sinn follow her to the bedroom to investigate for 'signs of Marcy' which aren't there to be found. While she's chastising Sinn who is by now sitting on the bed, Jelena suddenly pulls out several toys and throws them on the bed, including a strap-on and wants to know what Sinn thinks of them. It is kind of a strange turn plot wise, and despite this, the scene doesn't involve any of the toys. Jelena explains that Marcy was her lover, but that they broke up and accuses Sinn of being secretly attracted to girls herself. At last we get to the sex scene. It was a strange way to arrive at the good part, but let me assure it was well worth it. This is a grade A scene no doubt about it. It honestly shouldn't surprise anyone who knows g/g porn because Jelena and Sinn are both all starts of lesbian porn in my book and surely in others as well. They are both perhaps under-used by GFF, the best studio in the business in my opinion, though I don't know why. It may be money, or scheduling or something else entirely but both ladies obviously love girls and the way they made love here proves it. For me this was nearly the perfect amount of tenderness. The kissing was great and the build up was measured well. Jelena eats Sinn like she is really loving it and she does well to take the intensity up slowly but surely until she is just feasting on that pussy and it is a joy to watch. Sinn applies similar approach to her biggest highlight, the tribbing session where she tops her partner. I also love, love loved, the bit of feet appreciation here. Sinn works at her task slowly at first and gradually turns up the heat until she is giving an absolutely awesome tribbing to Jelena, again it is just right in terms of tenderness and gusto. One of the best scenes of the year so far in my opinion, I wish it were longer but it was superb nonetheless. My less than enthusiastic feelings about the set up may have thrown you, but as far as sex goes this was my favorite of the DVD.


    Total Grade Average 92% or A-

    Final Thoughts – A very solid installment of GFF's longest running series. Scenes ranging from good to great. Fan favorites Sinn Sage, Jelena Jensen, and Heather Starlet stand out. The storylline of the first three scenes was decent. I don't know why the last scene diverged from it wholly, and I wasn't crazy about it at first (before I'd seen the resulting sex) but this I guess does prove that even with a sort of clunky lead in great sex outshines everything else at the end of the day. It is porn after all.
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